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Sexplanation Documentary

Event Date: Jun 24

RAIN is excited to be co-presenting SEXPLANATION with Frameline for #Frameline45! In honor of Frameline’s 45 anniversary, their first-time-ever nationwide streaming program, and longstanding mission to change the world through LGBTQ+ film, Frameline is partnering with 5 regional LGBTQ+ non-profit community partners nationwide to provide one hundred (x100) free film screening and panel tickets to LGBTQ+ adults (18 & over), in municipalities not currently served by an LGBTQ+ film festival, and identified by the

Alex Liu wants to talk about sex. A lot. Now a thirty-something gay man, his childhood in the Bay Area featured kindly parents who never broached the subject and meager sex ed in school—producing a charming and attractive young adult who on the inside was roiling with repression and shame. A Sexplanation is Liu’s titillating and highly amusing quest to break this cycle, probing the failures of our country’s sex education, the proliferation of pornography, and the stigma that is still attached to sex in America today.

Liu collects an impressive array of candid interviews, ranging from illuminating conversations with sex researchers, psychologists, and priests to reality checks with his friends and awkward confessionals with his parents. A charming and frank tour guide, Liu leaves no stone unturned on his mission, even masturbating in an MRI scanner for science. Taking us from PornHub to the Kinsey Institute, this San Francisco-based doc is an engaging look at America’s obsession with sex and one man’s journey to confront its long shadow of shame.