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Mobile Testing Unit

RAIN's Mobile Testing Unit is a beacon of accessible healthcare services on wheels. Our unbranded mobile unit serves as a lifeline, breaking down barriers to access and ensuring individuals receive testing and other health screenings – conveniently.

Step aboard and discover a realm of comprehensive care. At RAIN's Mobile Testing Unit, we offer a spectrum of services, including free HIV and STI testing, blood pressure assessments and blood sugar checks.

But we don't stop there. Our dedicated team is equipped to do more than just tests; we're here to guide and support you on your healthcare journey. Whether you need medical care, or information and access to PrEP and PEP, we're ready to connect you with the resources you need.

With RAIN's Mobile Testing Unit, healthcare is no longer bound by location or circumstance. We bring the care you deserve directly to your community, ensuring no one is left behind.

Want to request the mobile unit for your next event, festival or community gathering? We will need:
- Easy access to pull the mobile unit in and out of the parked area
- A minimum of area that equals 5 regular parking spaces

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