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Below is a list of goods and/or services that are needed by our clients. These are not meant to be an exhaustive list of needed items, merely a helpful starting point. 

You may also check our Amazon Smile Wishlist where we are always updating our needs. If you have any questions, please contact Jacki O’Dierno at 704-973-9817. 

Check out Capital One Shopping to see if our wishlist is cheaper on other sites - sometimes you can save up to 20% more by using it.

Shipping Information: 
RAIN Supply Closet  
601 E. 5th St, Suite 470  
Charlotte, NC 28202 

Current Client Needs 

  • Cups of Noodles/Soup/Mac-and-Cheese 
    individually packaged in cups, instant and portable, just add water, no cans or plastic packets 
  • Breakfast/Protein/Granola Bars 
    individually wrapped bars that are high in nutrients and filling 
  • Crackers 
    peanut butter or cheese filled preferred as they are more substantial 
  • Sports Drinks 
    beverages with electrolytes to help keep clients hydrated like gatorade, powerade, etc. 
  • Jerky 
    individually wrapped, high in protein 
  • Nuts 
    individually wrapped, high in protein 
  • Cups of Instant Oatmeal 
    individually packaged in cups, instant and portable, just add water 
  • Slip-Resistant Work Boots/Shoes 
    tow protection and slip-resistant outsole designed to work on all surfaces 
  • Socks 
    brand new, still in the package, men’s & women’s 
  • Thick Roll Out Mat 
    for clients to sleep on, yoga mat or other similar kinds that can be rolled and easily stored 
  • Small Pillows/Thin Blankets 
    for clients to sleep with, small and portable, travel bundles will work 
  • Laptop 
    used or new, to keep in the office for clients to job search, build resumes, etc.