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Volunteer Opportunities

AIDS WALK Charlotte

AIDS WALK Charlotte is the largest HIV fundraising walk in the Carolinas and since 1997 has raised $3.1 million to support people living with HIV and those at risk. Every dollar raised through AIDS WALK Charlotte supports the services and programs RAIN provides to the Charlotte metro area.

AIDS WALK Charlotte brings our community together to remember those who we've lost, celebrate those that are living fully with HIV today, and to anticipate the end of HIV in our community. This event shows the compassion Charlotte has for our neighbors who lack full access to resources, health and wellness, and who suffer from HIV stigma yet today.

AIDS WALK Charlotte is a family affair (kids and pets welcomed) and open to all who want to participate. The walk is roughly two miles long and takes the average person around 30 minutes to complete.

Start a Team

Get a group of your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and club buddies to put together a team to raise money and walk the first Saturday in May. You don’t have to raise any funds to participate but remember this is a fundraiser and it is RAIN’s largest event. There are tools to make you and the team successful including team captain and fundraising 101 toolkits.


You will be checking in walkers that have registered online and taking any additional monies they have raised and need to turn in. You will also be registering individuals that decided to work offline and collect donations such as checks and cash. There will be an orientation/training the morning of the walk.

Human Arrows

You will be assisting in directing participants and other volunteers to the parking garage, the venue, and to the registration/check-in tables. This is one of the first points of contact for many of the walkers, so remember to smile and show them love!

Route Guides

You will be guiding and cheering walkers along the walk route while holding specialized signs with information ranging from HIV statistics to RAIN facts, and assisting CMPD. Each location will have at least two volunteers – it’s always more fun to cheer people on when you have a buddy, so sign up as a group!

Set Up & Breakdown

You will be assisting the RAIN staff and board with unloading and loading the truck of supplies, setting up tables, putting the community gallery together, etc. All are welcome to help – the more hands, the faster it gets done.

Gay Bingo Charlotte

Gay Bingo Charlotte is one of the most unconventional fundraising events in Charlotte - this ain't your grandma's bingo! Since 2000, this event has raised over $1.5 million to support the HIV services and programs RAIN provides to the Charlotte metro area.

Gay Bingo Charlotte is a wild, fun, outrageous and unpredictable evening of laughs, crazy costumes, dance routines, wacky entertainment, great music and a little bingo. Each bingo year has its own theme and set of special games/rules - this is not a game of chance and no money or prizes can be won from getting an official bingo.

Since the first event, Big Hair Bingo, in February 2000 attendance has grown from 100 people at the Great Aunt Stella Center to sellout crowds of 1,400+ at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Bingo Verfiying Diva (BVD)

A BVD is a Bingo Verifying Diva and one of the best parts of Gay Bingo – everyone loves YOU! You will help make sure the entertainment happens – you are one of the stars of the show – outside of our hostess Mimosa LaBouche (MLB for short).

You will be dressed in “drag” and will be responsible for your own costumes, wig and heels (RAIN will provide the make-up and professionals to apply it and a local salon to style your wig/s) along with attending weekly practices where different dance routines will be learned.

During the night of the event (in between the dance routine/numbers) you will walk through the crowd and interact with them, sell raffle tickets and most importantly verify a bingo when it is called (hence your name).

Raffle Sales

Volunteers will walk throughout the Richardson Ballroom in the Charlotte Convention Center, selling raffle tickets throughout the evening to attendees. There will be two raffle options that you will be selling – $5 raffle tickets for our high ticket items and $1 raffles (one ticket for a $1 or 6 tickets for $5). You must be organized, friendly, cool under pressure, work with others, and be good with money.

Table Ushers

Volunteers will greet reserved table attendees, showing them on the master map where their table is. If needed, you will escort them to their table and release it to the purchaser. You must be assertive, friendly and outgoing.

Ticket Scanners

Volunteers will scan attendee tickets and check them in. This includes making sure they have their wristbands. This is part of the show and allows us to monitor ticket holders and non-ticket holders. You must be friendly, confident, and able to stay cool under pressure.

Set Up

Volunteers will help set tables. This includes putting together programs, setting up props, putting programs and signage on tables, and other duties as they come up. You must be able to work with others and follow directions (sometimes things change or need to be reworked). Lifting and carry is/can be a part of this job.


Volunteers will assist with breaking down the venue and stage at the end of the evening for removal. You will clear tables of daubers and trash, break down set design, and load up supplies in truck for transport to RAIN office / storage unit. You can volunteer for this if you are attending the event or volunteering at a different opportunity.

Social Media Ambassadors

Our Social Media Ambassadors, better known as Positive Change Ambassadors, is an online community of supporters who mix our messages onto their social media platforms. In turn, your name and social media platforms will be featured on our social media ambassador page. 

Social media ambassadors are critical to helping RAIN expand our awareness of HIV, break down social stigma and help spread our message of compassion and care for those not only living with HIV but those that are at risk. Show the world that you’re making a positive change! Join RAIN’s Social Media Ambassadors Program today!

How Does It Work?

RAIN will push out information about our current activities, campaigns and news through e-news and special emails. Positive Change Ambassadors can pick and choose what they’d like to help promote using their social media platforms. 

How Often Do I Need to Mention RAIN?

We ask ambassadors to follow @RAINCLT on your social platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter) and post about RAIN at least once per month (12 times per year). Some examples are: 

  • A blog post 
  • A few tweets, tagging us 
  • Facebook mentions, tagging us 
  • Sharing stories or posts we make 
  • Posting a video or picture from Instagram when you are volunteering or attending one of our events 
What's In It For Me?

In addition to the sheer excitement and honor of being a RAIN Positive Change Ambassador, here are some of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy: 

  • Special invitations to RAIN events 
  • Monthly E-News
  • Exclusive feature on our Positive Change page
How Do I Qualify & Sign Up?

Social media ambassadors for RAIN must have at least one social media platform that is public (not set to private) so that shared RAIN content can be seen by everyone. 

Fill out our registration form to become a social media ambassador for RAIN.

Quarterly Group Service Projects

We offer quarterly service projects for companies looking to do a service day project. These projects are customizable from the services and timeframe. If there is something specific you are looking to accomplish during your service day please let us know and we will work with your group to make it happen.

Timeframe: Monday thru Thursday / 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Service Day at The Drop
The Drop is a welcoming community-based safe space for young men of color who have sex with men and are provided HIV education, prevention and essential support services. Opportunities Include:

  • Trimming shrubs, bushes, trees
  • Cleaning bathrooms, windows, furniture, common spaces
  • Painting touch ups
  • Other general landscaping (seasonally)

Service Day at The Havens
The Havens provides access to safe and affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness who are living with HIV or other disabilities. Opportunities include:

  • Trash removal throughout the property and side streets
  • Trimming shurbs, bushes, trees
  • Picking up debris off walkways
  • Community Room cleaning and organizing
    • Cleaning bathrooms, windows, furniture
  • Painting touch ups
  • Other general landscaping (seasonally)