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Volunteer Opportunities

AIDS WALK Charlotte 

Start a Team: Get a group of your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and club buddies to put together a team to raise money and walk the first Saturday in May. You don’t have to raise any funds to participate but remember this is a fundraiser and it is RAIN’s largest event. There are tools to make you and the team successful including team captain and fundraising 101 toolkits. 

Set-Up/Breakdown: You will be assisting the walk committee, RAIN staff and board. This includes unloading and loading the truck of supplies, setting up tables, putting the community gallery together, etc. All are welcome to help – the more hands, the faster it gets done. 

Registration: You will be checking in walkers that have registered online and taking any additional monies they have raised and need to turn in. You will also be registering individuals that decided to work offline and collect donations such as checks and cash. There will be an orientation/training the morning of the walk. 

T-Shirts: You will be working with the registration volunteers handing them t-shirts for those participants that raised at least $35. 

Route Guides: You will be guiding and cheering walkers along the walk route while holding specialized signs with information ranging from HIV statistics to RAIN facts, and assisting CMPD. Each location will have at least two volunteers – it’s always more fun to cheer people on when you have a buddy, so sign up as a group! 

Human Arrows: You will be assisting in directing participants and other volunteers to the parking garage, the venue, and to the registration/check-in tables. This is one of the first points of contact for many of the walkers, so remember to smile and show them love! 

Stage Support & Assistance: You will be stationed up at the staging area to assist the emcees with their needs, offer support to the sound tech and DJ and help with the morning program (hand awards to announcer, make sure event stays on track with time, etc.). 

Gay Bingo Charlotte 

Raffle Sales: Volunteers will walk throughout the Richardson Ballroom in the Charlotte Convention Center, selling raffle tickets throughout the evening to attendees. There will be two raffle options that you will be selling – $5 raffle tickets for our high ticket items and $1 raffles (one ticket for a $1 or 6 tickets for $5). You must be organized, friendly, cool under pressure, work with others, and be good with money. 

Backstage Assistance: Volunteers will assist with the flow of the ballroom and show – everything behind the scenes. This includes the BVD, Barbara Burning Bush’s entrances, curtain calls, prop moves, etc. You must be able to work with others and stay cool under pressure. 

Table Ushers: Volunteers will greet reserved table attendees, showing them on the master map where their table is. If needed, you will escort them to their table and release it to the purchaser. You must be assertive, friendly and outgoing. 

Ticket Scanners: Volunteers will scan attendee tickets and check them in. This includes making sure they have their wristbands. This is part of the show and allows us to monitor ticket holders and non-ticket holders. You must be friendly, confident, and able to stay cool under pressure. 

Set Up: Volunteers will help set tables. This includes covering tables with paper, putting together programs, setting up props, putting programs and signage on tables, and other duties as they come up. You must be able to work with others and follow directions (sometimes things change or need to be reworked). Lifting and carry is/can be a part of this job. 

Breakdown: Volunteers will assist with breaking down the venue and stage at the end of the evening for removal. You will clear tables of daubers and trash, break down set design, and load up supplies in truck for transport to RAIN office / storage unit. You can volunteer for this if you are attending the event or volunteering at a different opportunity. 

Administrative Support

Office Support: You will work in the RAIN office at the front desk greeting and assisting clients. We are looking for volunteers to work one day a week (Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) for anywhere from 1 to 8 hours (with a lunch break, if applicable). Our schedule is extremely flexible! Below are our current available time slots. The available times change regularly as volunteers’ schedules change so please check back if there is a time you want that is not available. 

Office or customer service experience is not required, but good client relations and a positive attitude are a must. 

Event Support: You will help mail out letters and make phone calls to donors and walkers in the months leading up to the AIDS Walk. More information and specific dates/times will be given closer to the event. Neighborhood Blitz: You will be given a set of posters and advertisements to hang up in specific areas. We are also looking for volunteers who would like to hand out materials in their own neighborhoods to help promote the event. 

Social Media Ambassadors 

Our Social Media Ambassadors form a group called Positive Change. This is an online community of supporters who mix our messages onto their social media platforms. In turn, your name and social media platforms will be featured on our social media ambassador page. 

Social media ambassadors are critical to helping RAIN expand our awareness of HIV, break down social stigma and help spread our message of compassion and care for those not only living with HIV but those that are at risk. Show the world that you’re making a positive change! Join RAIN’s Social Media Ambassadors Program today! 


RAIN will push out information about our current activities, campaigns and news. Logos, brochures and important details will be outlined. Positive Change members can pick and choose what they’d like to help promote using their social media platforms. 


We ask ambassadors to follow @RAINCLT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and post about RAIN at least once per month (12 times per year). Some examples are: 

  • A blog post 
  • A few tweets, tagging us 
  • Facebook mentions, tagging us 
  • Sharing stories or posts we make 
  • Posting a video or picture from Instagram when you are volunteering or attending one of our events 


In addition to the sheer excitement and honor of being a RAIN Positive Change member, here are some of the fantastic benefits you’ll enjoy: 

  • For new members: Welcome Packet that includes information about RAIN and the services we provide and some RAIN branded swag (we are only able to ship within the United States) 
  • Special invitations to RAIN events 
  • Monthly eNewsletter 
  • Exclusive feature on our Positive Change page 


Social media ambassadors for RAIN must have at least one social media platform that is public (not set to private) so that shared RAIN content can be seen by everyone. 

Fill out our registration form to become a social media ambassador for RAIN.