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Outreach & Prevention

Early Intervention Services *
Linking individuals who have fallen out of care or newly diagnosed and face the most barriers to effective treatment, adherence and viral suppression.
HIV/STI Testing *
Offering free and confidential testing through community events, by appointment and Wednesday evenings in our Uptown office (5 to 7 PM) in partnership with the Health Department. Learn more.
PrEP Program (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)*
Connecting HIV-negative people to a prescribing physician to obtain medication and implementing risk reduction techniques to reduce the risk of exposure to HIV.
CREW (Community Resources for Empowerment & Wellness)
Helping individuals decide if they are ready for treatment through a holistic wellness program that focuses on harm reduction based one-on-one counselling, group support and substance use treatment.
Awareness & Prevention Education
Providing free programs to educate the community on HIV/STI prevention and promote the end of HIV stigma including community presentations, classes and information booths.
* Services Offered in Spanish