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Tough Talks

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Now enrolling nationally and virtually with UNC Chapel Hill Staff

An app for smartphones or tablets, designed for young men who have sex with men living with HIV. This app provides interactive information to learn about disclosing your HIV status to sex partners and other folks. It emphasizes choice in status disclosure. It is not designed to push you towards disclosing your status. This app includes activities like choose-your-own-adventure-style games, fill-in-the-blanks, and self-reflections. Tough Talks allows practice for disclosing your status in a safe space, with the use of a virtual reality character.

Q: Who is eligible for participation in this study?

A: People who fit the following criteria may be eligible:

  • Assigned male at birth & currently identifying as male
  • Age 16 – 29
  • Living with HIV

Q: How long is this study?

A: Each participant will visit "online" with UNC Chapel Hill staff to enroll in the study. After that, you will be randomly assigned to a research arm. Depending on which research arm you are randomly assigned to, you will meet with staff at intervals. These include 2 weeks, 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months, for a total time of 6 months.

Q: Will I be paid for my participation?

A: Yes! This depends upon the research arm you are assigned to as well as survey and meeting completions. Compensation is between $150-$300.