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Research Studies

RAIN has partnered with the Behavior and Technology Lab (BATLab) at UNC Chapel Hill.


As a partner of the BATLab, we at RAIN believe in the power and importance of research. Each study helps us bridge our community to comprehensive RAIN services while empowering participants to inform digital, social, and medical interventions by and for one another through lived experience. Research also offers participants and researchers the opportunity to understand HIV prevention and care and the changing landscape of both. The studies we are conducting with the BATLab look specifically at HIV ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) under the lenses of use, adherence, and viral load maintenance. We are also gaining understanding of mental health and wellness, substance use, sexual health, HIV stigma, and HIV status disclosure. This partnership also includes HIV prevention studies around the use of PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). 

All participants for current study must read, speak, and understand English. 
All participants for current studies must have a smartphone with internet access/data plan. 

Tough Talks

Now enrolling nationally and virtually with UNC Chapel Hill Staff An app for smartphones or tablets, designed for young men who have sex with men living with HIV. This app provides interactive information to learn about disclosing your HIV status to sex partners and other folks. It emphasiz…

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YouTHrive is a web-based app for youth and young adults to optimize anti-retroviral therapy adherence. Subjects will use this mobile-enhanced website daily for 5 months. YouTHrive focuses on peer-to-peer interaction and new daily content to address barriers to adherence. It uses gaming featu…

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Comparison of usage of two apps. LYNX is an information, motivation, and behavior model app. MyChoices focuses on the social cognitive theory model. We compare the two on key objectives, including increasing HIV/STI testing and PrEP uptake. Q: Who is eligible to participate in this study?…

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AllyQuest is an app for smartphone to help young men and transgender women living with HIV take their meds every day. You can set up discreet, personalized reminders to take your meds and track them in the app. It has personalized information about health topics that users rank. AllyQuest al…

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